may face the present challenges of life successfully and whose lives might be devoted for the persons living in villages, forests, mountain areas and slums and who might make their poverty stricken brothers free from bad customs, exploitation and injustice and make the nation-life equal, wealthy and cultured.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to see beyond the narrow walls of the classrooms and textbooks and promote out of the box thinking to empower every student to master the challenges of today and shape the worlds of tomorrow.We believe that both teachers and parents play an important role in the growth and development of children and it is only through open communication , fruitful discussion that we can together lay a strong foundation for our children. .
To be in sync with the world that has become a global village and to be in tune with the world we have integrated our teaching with the latest technology and have made the entire teaching-learning experience more effective and enjoyable.

Mahaviri saraswati Vidya mandir

All classes from Nursery to XII are technologically equipped.Technological tools impact teaching , learning and assesment which profoundly influence the learning cycles through digital learning systems.Digital portfolios of our students enable greater understanding of each student’s learning needs.There are considerable digit project works to enable children to stay focused on the work place of the future .The school has the best team of academia who are passionately dedicated to the constant up-gradation of the curriculum.

Our infrastructure

The school is spread on a sprawling area of 10.5 acres including both Sector IV and V campuses. The school has a rich library as well as an e-library with more than 32500 books, Conference room, EDP Centre, Hi-tech and Computer labs in both the wings of the school with Intranet, Internet & email facilities. The sprawling campus includes a huge playground .



Panchmandir, Barhan Gopal Siwan-841227

Affiliated to CBSE New Dehli No. 330800


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Mahaviri saraswati Vidya mandir, Panchmandira, Barhan Gopal,

Siwan, Bihar-841227